Thursday, May 7, 2009

Settling in

Hello again from Missouri...

Well, things have slowed down here and I'm settling into my new lifestyle. It's definitely an interesting one. I'm cooking a lot more now and I have a lot more free time... both of which is very nice and refreshing. I've read a lot about Kansas City and yesterday I stopped at the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum, which is pretty incredible by the way and charges no admission fee! I thoroughly enjoyed that. I think Bryan and I are going to go there together this weekend. I also checked out Union Station for just a bit. There's an "Extreme Screen" theater there that shows huge 3D movies, and the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is there too. :) I got a couple chocolate haystacks for Bryan and I. It sounds like Bryan might actually have his first 2 day weekend off this week! Maybe even Friday if he does super well today... That would be awesome. My college buddy Bettina is coming into town on Saturday afternoon with her new boyfriend to say hi to us too! So it will be a nice weekend.

Right now, I'm blocking the tank top I made for my Mom. :) Then I have to graft the straps together, put the picot edging around the neckline and armholes, sew on the little pearl buttons and get a pretty ribbon to put around the neckline. Then it's done! Sweet!

Two nights ago I gave my first massage treatment here at the hotel to one of Bryan's colleagues Kiki. Tonight I'm giving another treatment to his campaign lead. Yay! Money! :) This could be very, very good.... Heehee...

I am feeling a bit homesick for Albuquerque with its gorgeous mountains and awesome people and friends. But I'm also enjoying the green and "wetness" of Missouri. Well, I will write more this weekend. Hope you are all doing well!


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