Monday, August 2, 2010

What a crazy year!! And new designs!! :)

WHEW!! May I just say that this year has been CRAZY so far! I have very much failed at keeping my blog up to date but you can hardly blame me with what's been going on. In February I got engaged, and in March I found out I was pregnant! Yay!! Bryan's workbase changed from Kansas City to Columbia, Missouri as well, so in March we moved. So we have been crazy with planning a wedding, visiting relatives, cooking a baby, finding an apartment in Wisconsin to use as our homebase, and preparing for parenthood! What an incredibly blessed year we've had. :)
You know what was bizarre about the beginning of the pregnancy? As soon as the hormones kicked in I lost all interest in knitting and playing piano for quite awhile! It was the strangest thing! Usually knitting is a pregnant woman's best friend! Well, from March through May all was quiet on the knitting front. Then in June I dusted off the needles and out they came again. Now, just like always, I can't stop! I have so many design ideas too!
And speaking of designs, I finally finished my first ever design that I am actually going to sell on Ravelry. It's very exciting! They're called "Slither Socks," and I used Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in the colorway "Jade" to make them. They're beautiful socks! I'm really pleased at how they turned out! They feature two snakes slithering and weaving their way down your leg and foot with their heads at your toes. There are also growing diamonds created with twisted stitches that fit between the weaving coils of the snakes. I love them! And apparently so do many others! I just posted them for sale two days ago and have already received one sale and many people have marked them as favorites on the website. I'm so happy with how they've done so far! If you are a Ravelry enthusiast, you can check them out or buy them at my Ravelry designer page: Trudy Barrett Designs.
I'd better go now. It's late! But I will tell you that I am 22 weeks along, we're having a girl, and her name will be Matilda. Tilly for short. :) I'm actually designing and knitting her a baby blanket right now out of Madelinetosh Merino Worsted. She gets the good stuff! It's superwash, thankfully, which means it can go in the washing machine. I may be a fiber enthusiast but I am not stupid! I'm not a mother yet but I know enough to know that the washing machine is your best friend for baby items!! lol :) Our wedding is also coming up in 26 days too! So much going on!!
Take care out there, and happy knitting everyone. :) I will try to update more often!