Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The good life...

Hello! Everything is going great here in Independence, and we're just happy to be here. Bryan's job is going great! I'm having a great time exploring the city, meeting new people, and doing a lot of knitting. I'm cooking a bit more, and cleaning a lot, and it's nice to finally get into the habit of those things. Bryan is the sweetest. :) He's so thoughtful and supportive. Yesterday he asked if it was okay if he makes a short to-do list for me, since he works until 8 or 9 almost every day. I said of course, and he gave me a couple things to do for him, and then as we were going to sleep he said there was one more thing he'd like me to do this week: go out and find new people to hang out with. He said, "Hell, if I were you and I had all this free time, I'd go to a different knitting group every day of the week." lol :) I told him I was trying not to live it up too much or he'll get jealous, and he said it was too late for that anyway. Haha... Yesterday I looked up all kinds of different volunteer stuff, visited a couple yarn shops, and went to a really cool knitting group. I think I'll have lots of fun with those girls!

Oh my gosh, I had the most AMAZING weekend ever!! Seeing my old college buddy Bettina and her boyfriend Greg was SO much fun! :) We went to downtown Kansas City and ate at a cool little place called Tom Foolery's. Then we took pictures and walked around downtown together, and after we said goodbye to them Bryan and I drove to the art museum and walked around there a bit, and then walked around outside at an Earth Fair going on across the street, and then we went home and relaxed in the hot tub, and then we went out to this AWESOME and highly entertaining dinner at the Samurai Chef Steak and Sushi House. It was one of those places where you sit with other people around a big table and the chef comes and cooks right in front of you and sets things on fire and throws food at you and stuff. :) It was so much fun!! We'll definitely be going back there again. ...What... a day. We felt so pampered that day. :)

My Mom's tank top is almost finished! It looks awesome... I just hope it's not too snug. I'm really excited to give it to her over Memorial Day weekend, and to visit with people up in Illinois again. That will be very nice.

Well, today I'm going to go visit a few more yarn shops, see if I can find some nice ribbon to use for the tank top, and then do some laundry later on. I was going to do dishes too but... apparently the maid did them for me yesterday.... So, la-dee-da! lol :)

Next month when Bryan's probation period ends, we're moving into corporate housing out in Lee's Summit, MO - just a short ways away from where we are right now. Alright, I'm going to get going. Maybe later I'll post some pictures finally??? We'll see how long I take at the yarn shops. :)


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