Sunday, May 3, 2009

Endings and Beginnings...

Hello from Missouri!!

Well I know this blog has been completely silent for a couple weeks, but I was extremely busy preparing for my imminent move. But now here I am, settled into the hotel suite with Bryan in Independence, MO. It's a little suburb just about 10 min. east of Kansas City. It sure is a convenient area! I can walk out the hotel door and practically be in a mall already. Right across the street is Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, all kinds of other stores and restaurants, a full mall, an AMC 20 movie theater, and other things. So that's nice...

The room is VERY nice. We've got a good-sized bedroom and bath area with a door leading into the kitchen and living room. The kitchen has everything a full kitchen would have except for an oven. We do have a range though, and of course a full fridge and dishwasher and stuff like that. Two TVs. lol... We get continental breakfast 7 days a week, a daily maid, all expenses paid by Bryan's job of course. My kitty Mia has settled in very well so far. She's such a good little girl... Poor thing. I almost lost her on the drive!! We stopped for a litter box break, and she wriggled out of her leash and harness and ran into this barred area where some vending machines were, so I had to grab her real hard by the scruff of the neck and get this guy to help me lift her out from behind the bars. What made her wriggle free and bolt?? .....A bird. ...Yes, a BIRD. ....Yes, my cat is a complete wuss. LOL :) At least she's all fine now. She got lavished with treats after that.

Tomorrow Bryan goes to work, and I am going to do laundry, get some groceries, and buy hangers so I can put my clothes away. Oh yeah, and bring my keyboard up here so it's not in my car anymore. I think we'll store it in the closet for now. There's not really enough space for it here. But my goal is to have a studio within a few weeks. I also have my guitar here, and I'm learning a Joni Mitchell song on it right now called, "Both Sides Now." I think I'll actually be able to play guitar pretty soon after all! :) At least enough to accompany myself singing. That's all I want. And then to understand the guitar enough to write songs for voice and guitar.

Well, that's all I got for right now that I can think of. I did the drive (which wound up taking 14 hours with stops) all in one day. I was exhausted by the time I arrived but miraculously I never got even a little bit sleepy on the road. Must have been the adrenaline from the move. lol :) Anyway, the only mishap, luckily, was almost losing my cat. Thankfully, that was definitely an ALMOST. So, I say it was a good trip. It was really bizarre to watch the grass slowly appear and then turn from yellow to emerald green as I drove, and also to feel the air turn more and more humid! It was a cool day as I drove, but I started the drive in Albuquerque with short sleeves feeling dehydrated, and ended it wearing a coat and feeling like every inch of my body was slightly wet. LOL What a weird experience. :) I can definitely feel the humidity a lot more now that I've been out of it for so long.

Alright, time for bed around here. Talk to you later!

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