Wednesday, April 15, 2009

T minus 17, and counting.....

Well.... it's only a little more than two weeks until I head out of Albuquerque. It's so hard to believe! I still have a rather large to-do list, but much of it can't be done until my last week here. Life is going to be interesting! I've been spending some time at Borders in the mornings lately looking at pictures of Napa Valley and reading about the area. One of the employees at Borders was raving about Napa to me today, and couldn't say enough good things about it. Wow, I just can't wait to start visiting it regularly!

I'm very tired tonight, so this is a very short entry. Not much went on today besides teaching and cuddling with my cat. I suppose I'll go get ready for bed and knit for awhile. Tomorrow's a big laundry day. The cat is endlessly tapping my leg and nudging me with her forehead. She needs her nightly cuddles. :) Sorry no pictures today from Carlsbad Caverns. That will probably come this weekend.

Goodnight, everyone...


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