Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New designs on the needles...


     I haven't posted much lately because I busted the power cord for my laptop and am relying on my Palm Pre for internet access. Luckily it has great internet! It just takes longer to type...
     Well, I did get my sock yarn in the mail and am currently knitting up a design that I came up with. It does need some tweaking though. Designing involves quite a bit of frogging, apparently.
      Meanwhile, I knit up a request from a friend for a little stuffed owl. The design is on Ravelry by Amy Gaines, and is simply called Knit Owl Pattern. It's hopelessly cute. I modified the colors because it's for a baby boy. This was the first toy I  ever knit and I was amazed that it only took two days! I thought it might take a week with all the seaming involved. My favorite part about him was stuffing him. That was so fun! I will definitely be making more stuffed animals! I will add a picture back at home today. My phone won't cooperate right now with the uploading screen.
      And may I just say, check out! They are so wonderful, and I love to send them more business. I am very excited because I have a prize packet coming in the mail soon from them for having ordered over 1700 yards of yarn so far this year. They have an awesome prize system!
       Well, that's all for now. I will add more pictures soon!

Keep on knitting!

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