Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Sweater Design!

Today was a very long day, and even though it's super late I thought I would post briefly before going to bed because two very important things happened today. At least, shall we say, important in a knitter's universe. The first thing is that I found out why my sock yarn isn't here yet. The post office messed up! AAGH! Every knitter's worst nightmare. Tomorrow is a crazy busy day AND it's the last day I'm in town before heading out for my next roadtrip, but I am determined to track down my yarn and have it in hand before day's end or so help me the post office will rue the day they got between a knitter and her MadTosh sock yarn!! *sNoRt* .........

Okay, sorry. I've calmed down a bit now. In lieu of the delicious sock designing that I could be doing right now, I decided to go a bit further on another design I've had on the needles for a bit: my very first sweater design! I had gotten through the easy bit and was ready to begin the complicated stuff tonight. So after a couple hours of planning and crazy amounts of math and speculation, I began the dreaded decrease and cable rows, which while simple to do when presented with them in a pattern, when confronted with them freestyle it was enough to make my brain hurt! See, the issue isn't so much the pattern itself as it is the sizing. Seeing as this is my very first sweater design, naturally I would want to start with something that is perfectly snug and form-fitting and includes three different types of cables/traveling stitches placed in precise areas on the front of the sweater...... *cough cough*

Well, so far so good. And every way I check it, my math and measurements seem to check out. So here's hoping that it will be enough to help me succeed! Having only ever actually made two tops before this, and those both from given patterns, and having only worked cables once... on a SCARF.... and having never worked traveling stitches before.... I think I'm being a bit ambitious here. But I'll do it! I'm a very determined person, so not figuring it out isn't an option. How much time it takes me? ...Well, that's a very different thing. Ha! We shall see...

For now, it is SO past time for sleeeep! I have some serious sock yarn hunting to do tomorrow! Let alone playing piano for the choir, making a recording, going to the dentist, teaching two students, running to the store, and packing. *sigh* No rest for the weary.


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